Monday, November 10, 2008

This Is A Heart Touching Story!--Go Cardinals!!! November 9, 2008

This is a VERY well-written story. It made me tear up. I thought you would appreciate it!

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beckie greys said...

hi, i just read the story about the cardinals, very heartbreaking but they will prevail. we all will. when i read the part about joey manuel looking for his mom's bell collection ,my heart skipped a beat. i lived in gilchrist and on my last search attempt to find things from my home, i came across a lot of bells! i gathered them in one spot and intended to bring them out clean them up, and post it on lost in ike website. i have not been able to return to do this yet,so when i seen the article i knew i had to write so that i can go with this family so they can have at least a portion of there life with them again. if you can put me in touch i would be so grateful. my e-mail address is, my name is beckie(409)363-2471. tell them if there is no answer l/m and i promise to get in touch asap.thank you,
beckie greys