Wednesday, December 31, 2008


From: Mark Gassit <>Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008


I was hoping for some help? My Mother was Jennifer Mclemore, a hurricane Ike victim identified on nov. 25th.
I am her son Mark Gassiot. My problem is that my mother worked for UTMB in Galveston for 20+ yrs. In that time she worked with a very large number of people staff and patients. She was a very caring person and treated all that she knew with a special care. UTMB has laid off 3000+. Hurricane Ike, has displaced almost everyone in her local area. I am asking if it would be possible to run a story for her funeral arrangements because she touched so many people's lives that we have no way of contacting. Her home was in Gilchrist Tx. Her office was on the first floor of the hospital which was flooded so were having a very hard time putting together lists of friends names or #'s. I know over the years she has kept in touch with so many ppl that she has come in contact with through the hospital. Her cell phone would have been a great help.
I just don't want people to have been left out that knew her. I don't have a lot of money to run a big ad and she was in contact with so many ppl. from Galveston, Beaumont, Houston--all over this area.
Please if you can help? Pass this story on to anyone that will run it. Trying to set a date for a funeral ASAP. You can publish this email. I set up an email for contact info @ . I'll check it regularly.

Thanks Mark

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