Sunday, September 21, 2008

IMPORTANT! This came to us from someone on yahoo groups. If you know anything, please respond IMMEDIATELY to this family! Thanks so much and God bless-GCA

MISSING: Herman Thomas "Pee Wee" Moseley, W/M 48 , resident of Gilchrist , last contact Friday Sept 12. It has been rumored that he was with Ronnie Lee or Ronny Lee before Ike made landfall. Any and all info would be appreciated. His mother, Norma Rubin, and brothers Dwight & James Moseley are worried about him. If you have info please contact Dwight at 409 9884970 or James Moseley at 409 5482046 or 417 4834455. Thanks and God Bless!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9-20-2008
ileft for high island this morning at 4:30am--got there at 7am- i explained why i needed to go to high island to the checkpoint DPS and they let me in-- retrieved my personal stuff from my motorhome which had absolutely no damage wind or water- i was amazed-- left a spare set of keys with a neighbor who knew mr riley (the rv park mngr)- so he can use it for temporary lodging while rebuilding his rv park-- the DPS road block to rollover wouldn't let me go to the pass so i turned around and headed home-- i was shocked to see that there was no sand dunes-- they wer completey wiped out-- the high islanders i talked with said that they had 15 ft waves ABOVE the storm surge-- awesome-- the one thing that bothered me at high island was the smell of death all around -- the stench of rotting cows merged with the sickingly sweet smell of oil-- i couldn't believe that all the saltgrasses were flattened and dying-- gilchrist and the peninsula will never be the same-- i'll miss it-- ed 9-20-2008
Dear Webmasters,
I'd like to get this message out to residents and property owners, could you please help me with this?
Thank you,Pedra

My name is Pedra. I grew up going to Crystal Beach and still go as often as I can. I am a licensed professional counselor. As part of the work I do, I work with people dealing with grief issues and work with children doing a specialized kind of counseling called play therapy. I've been trying to get in touch with the Red Cross to volunteer my services to the residents, (and weekenders) of this area, but have not been able to get in touch with anyone. I figured I's go to the source. I am available to come down to meet with anyone who would like to talk to someone about the devastating losses you have had. I can come to the area on Saturdays and Sundays or we can set up an alternative. I am not time-limiting my serivces at this time. My services are free to you. I just want to help the people who made the beaches there such a special place for me. If anyone is interested, or wants to find out more, please email me at this address:
-- Pedra

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9-20-2008
this is beckie from the tavern, hello to all my friends.i am in vidor,safe. also ronnie lee,wiz,cindi and ali are also fine and are in sulfur doing ok. we love ya'll and can't wait till we are all together again. god bless everyone 9-21-2008
Beckie,Can you please give me your last names and where you lived before Hurricane Ike so that I can update or Survivor's List. Thank you so much for letting us know you are OK! God bless! Connie Tomerlin 9-21-2008
beckie greys, ronnie lee dennison, and wizard,cindy & alli henley.

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I am looking for the Milner Twins. We have bought live crabs from their family for 30 years and I want to make sure they are okay. Thanks, Michelle Broussard Mahood