Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Emails- 9-14-2008

I live in Bowie, Texas.My parents had a cabin on Bay Drive for 40 years so I was raised in Gilchrist, and moved to Crystal Beach for a while, one of my sisters owned Yeagers/Conners bait camp on Rollover ( there was still a house standing there in July), one of my sisters lives in High Island, she came up north, my brother in law staid there. My husband helped build the retaining wall at Rollover in the early 70"s for Zapata Warrior Co. We have deep roots.We are all worrying about the people there, and any information you could send would be wonderful. I hope you are safe. I have found some websites that say there is no beach left. I was a little girl in Carla, they said that then, too. Sincerely, Regina Myers Badgwell 9-14-2008
Can you let folks know that Jeanne Reedy and Billy Crowell are OK. Thanks,Dan Jacobs
9-15-2008 HI Connie, This is Dan Jacobs who made the report, I'm a friend of Jeanne and Bill at Caplen Shores. I got a voice mail from Jeanne yesterday. They are in Houston, got out yesterday. I added their names to the safeandwell list. Thanks for all your help. Dan 9-15-2008
I saw some of the pictures of rollover pass at the bridge ,but could not see if my house was still there. Yellow house on the beach down the street from Baptist church. Thanks Pat

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