Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Emails- 9-18-2008
Has anyone heard from Bruce and Skip Haire. They used to own the 3 Dolphins on Elsie Street just past Rollover. We got to know them when we were renting their beach property and wanted to check and make sure they were OK. They also own a place in Gilchrist, I believe.Please let us know if anyone has heard from them.Thanks—Mary Hall, Rose Green, Beth Stanley, Betty Maxwell, Charlene Martinez, Debra DialOre City, TXOur thoughts and prayers are with everyone down there. If we can do anything, please let us know. 9-18-2008
We have spent a lot of time down in Gilchrist with LyNell Oehlers (see is OK - she is at her house in Pasadena). We were supposed to be down there next weekend for a big party but with what has happened we decided to have a big Benefit Concert at Cedar Creek Lake on September 27th for the victims of Hurricane Ike. We would like to use the money to help people from Gilchrist and the rest of the Bolivar Peninsula - we are trying to find the best way to help people from there - have there been any funds set up or foundations specifically for that area? Would love to have any ideas you might have. Thanks! Robert RenderCedar Creek Lake Parrot Head Club

Anonymous 9-18-2008
If anyone has any information about Jennifer McLemore from Gilchrist, 1015 seagull street, first house on the left, please contact her son Randy Jones at 409-392-5960. We are very worried for her safety.

Posted by Anonymous to Hurricane Ike Devastates Bolivar Peninsula at September 18, 2008 2:30 PM 9-18-2008
Deborah Watson and son Clark from Faggards Rd are ok. They have evacuated to Longview, TX. They can be reached at 903-663-1947. 9-18-2008
Am in NJ searching for friend who stayed during the storm.She tried to get off thursday am and was turned back by winds and water, and regrettably chose to stay. Gail EttengerTyrell St I can not gain access to 149 survivors and climbing part of website 9-18-2008
I have been regularly checking and now your site. Have you heard anything about Leah and her mom, Debra or their friend that used to mow my yard - Rollover Rick? Thank you for all of your hard work. Meredith 9-18-2008
Jack and Pat Bristow from beach front road (gilchrest texas)evacuated to Chandler Texas

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