Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More of Your Emails thru 9/22/2008

marycaraway@gmail.com 9-22-2008
Can you confirm or deny the allegations that there are an untold number of dead bodies washing up on the beaches? When will we be
told if our family and friends are found alive or dead? Thank you.

Unfortunately, I can do neither. I have heard rumors of an untold number of bodies in Annahuac, to forensics people collecting DNA, to many bodies being found at the Big Store. I know from people who witnessed people meeting their demise that several people have perished on Bolivar, but the authorities still have not given an OFFICIAL death toll for Bolivar. I wish I could tell you more. All I hope and pray is that they will let us know something soon. God bless to you and your family! Connie Tomerlin

Ginger@bcoonlaw.com 9-22-2008
Hello my name is Ginger and my family and I own property down at crystal beach. Emerald One to be exact. I was just wondering if and when it will be okay for people that own property can get down there? Ginger L. ManningSettlement ProcessorBrent Coon & Associates3550 FanninBeaumont, TX. 77701(409) 835-2666 ext. 1157(409) 951-8057 (direct)Ginger@bcoonlaw.com

sqbody@sbcglobal.net 9-22-2008
Thank you for keeping your website updated. We are not getting any information out of your area. I have passed your website along to othere websites where people are searching for there loved ones. I have notice that your surviror's list is growing daily. Thank God. We got some information this morning and was wondering if you could verify it for us. We heard that out of the 62,000 homes from Bolivar thru High Island that only 230 remain. Could this be true? We also heard that High Island may be getting water as early as today and that generators are being brought in for electicity. We heard that the water surge went 12 miles past HIgh Island. We are still hearing that no one is allowed in or not of there and that the search for bodies hasn't even begun. It is upsetting enough to not be getting any news from down there and then to hear things like this just turns my stomach. Our heart and prayers go out to all our old friends. CAROL Myers Williams

cnstructit@aol.com 9-22-2008
I was wondering if you knew when they would allow people back in east of rollover pass. Thanks,Mike Dore'1148 4th streetGilchrist, Tx. 77617

adamkbauer@hotmail.com 9-22-2008
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out with a date on when residents will be able to come back in and look at their homes/whats left of them on the Peninsula. My parents lost their home in Caplen but all the aerials I've looked at show a debris pile right next to where the house should be. I think all is lost/unsavageable but my parents want to make the trip down from New York to at least see the site and get some closure. Their insurance agent said that people will be allowed back on the peninsula in alphabetical order so that there are not too many people on the peninsula at one time. However, I've looked and looked and can only find information about Galveston itself and no re-entry information about the peninsula. Would you happen to have that info or know where I might be able to find it. Thanks,Adam

hollidapjn@hotmail.com 9-21-2008
Our hearts and prayers go out to the permanent residents of Gilchrist, you have lost so much, but you gave so much all these years for those of us who considered it a home away from home in Beaumont. We have the Enderle Family Beach House Club on Faggard Slip Road, built in the 40s, four generations of fun at the beach for our very large clan. With a utility bill we got thru two checkpoints and we were able to see the old cistern and poles sticking up, naked, out of the mud and debris, and our heart was broken. Returning is not for the faint of heart, steel yourself for total devastation. But we know that when the fish are biting, we Southeast Texans cannot escape the lure of the sea. We will be back. Paula Nash Holliday

rj4ever214@aol.com 9-21-2008
looking for Gail Ettenger--Gail lived towards the Inter Coastal on the end of Yacht Basin Road. She had the Great Dane, Reba.I know she stayed and the last time anyone talked to her was on Fri. pm @ 10:10 pm, while thingswere floating past.....We have spoken to her significant others, and they have heard nothing .....If you get any info, please email me: Jackie Hardaway @ rj4ever214@aol.com We lived there for a year at Dick & Dorothy's RV Park at the corner of Hwy 87 and Yacht Basin Rd.My sister and her husband lost their house near the Gilchrist Post Office, and we know that thoseare all safe. Would appreciate any info.........thanks, Jackie

Has anyone heard from Mildred Starke? She was last contacted on 9-12-2008. Any information would be helpful. Please email us at gca.webmaster@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

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