Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Emails-

Foxynana57@aol.com 9/29/2008
this is darlene sanchez. we have a lot of clothing we would like to leave in high island or winnie for people that need them is there a drop off spot for the clothes? thank you

pabs4@gt.rr.com 9/29/2008
I appreciate all you are doing. We had two homes in Crystal beach and they are both gone. My older half brother was supposedly working at Jose's Cantina and living at Crystal Beach. We don't know if he evacuated or not. We aren't even sure he was still living at the beach. He normally phones our father every 2 weeks or so and our dad has not heard from him. The cell phone number we have for him goes straight to his voicemail and several family members have left messages for him but, no response. My brother's name is Randall (Randy) Eugene Broussard. He is heavy set and bald and has bright blue eyes. He has pronounced dimples when he grins. I don't have a current picture of him. He is a Vietnam vet but, probably doesn't talk about it much. I have been trying to get the contact info for Jose' but, have been unsuccessful. I would appreciate any help you might be able to give us. My thoughts and prayers are with all of us affected by Ike. Even after seeing it with my own eyes, I am having difficulty processing it.

Thank you,

Pam Shelander

lmcdonald@gt.rr.com 9/30/2008
My cabin was located at 1329 Sunrise im Enerald #1 addition. I am looking for Edris McBride who was my neighbor across the street. I have called her cellphone buy have not been able to get in contact with her. if anyone knows anything of her where anouts please contact me 409-718-8567 or email paigemcdonald@yahoo.com. I am really worried about her!!! Also, are we allowed to go into Crstal Beach as of today?
Paige Castille McDonald

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