Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Gilchrist Man is Identified--PeeWee Moseley...

I am sorry to report that PeeWee has been identified as the body found on Goat Island. This was listed as on the KHOU website this morning.PeeWee was a great man who was always smiling and willing to lend a helpinghand. My heart goes out to his mother Norma and his brothers. I have attached a great picture of PeeWee for you to post. He loved to sing karaoke and I will always remember him singing his favorite song - Remember When - PeeWee we will always Remember When.....thanks for entertaining all of us at the tavern! Thanks for providing us with this link to missing/found persons. Nancy Bachman & RickTavern by the PassGilchrist - currently staying in Pennsylvania

I have been using your site to assist us in having updated records for the Galveston Police as they have asked us to take calls on missing persons for their department. Your site has been very useful, but I was wondering if you could add our link to your site as to encourage folks see if they might be able to help us locate our list of almost 400 still missing. The site is and on the left side a link to IKE missing. We are very happy to see that so many folks are alive and well. Thanks, Terry Arnold volunteer, LRCF281-482-5723

Of course, I will add your link. In fact, I would be happy to add it to our Home Page so that our older, more computer-handicapped folks ("like me") :) can see it. Thanks so much and we appreciate what a great job you guys are doing! God bless to you all! :)

Connie Tomerlin
GCA Webmaster

I noticed that Ronnie Duke of Crystal Beach is not on your list. Does anyone know Ronnie or have information on him?--Dawn Davis Sr. Case ManagerLAURA RECOVERY CENTER906 Anna Lane Friendswood, TX 77546Toll Free Phone : 866-898-5723Phone : 281-482-LRCF(5723)Toll Free Fax : 888-268-0573Fax : 281-482-5727info@LRCF.NETA Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization 10/1/2008

I appreciate all you are doing. We had two homes in Crystal beach and they are both gone. My older half brother was supposedly working at Jose's Cantina and living at Crystal Beach. We don't know if he evacuated or not. We aren't even sure he was still living at the beach. He normally phones our father every 2 weeks or so and our dad has not heard from him. The cell phone number we have for him goes straight to his voicemail and several family members have left messages for him but, no response. My brother's name is Randall (Randy) Eugene Broussard. He is heavy set and bald and has bright blue eyes. He has pronounced dimples when he grins. I don't have a current picture of him. He is a Vietnam vet but, probably doesn't talk about it much. I have been trying to get the contact info for Jose' but, have been unsuccessful. I would appreciate any help you might be able to give us. My thoughts and prayers are with all of us affected by Ike. Even after seeing it with my own eyes, I am having difficulty processing it.

Thank you,
Pam Shelander

I had a place on head hunter, I live over 2 hours away and am hearing that the gov may buy land owners out, that we may not be able to rebuild ect........ any web site that has the real information? that you know of? I know fema is not offering any assistance unless it was your primary household. My sewer replacement alone will probly be 8 to 10 thousand dollars alone, thats twice more than the market value of my lot!

I have heard SO MANY rumors and really I don't have anything confirmed about what they are going to let us do or not do on the peninsula. I DO know that many people are in our corner and wanting to raise funds to help us rebuild. You can check out and also, plus, . There are many people working together to get our community rebuilt. Hope this helps you! God bless...

Connie Tomerlin
GCA Webmaster

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