Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here is a great site for pics and insight from the perspective of a Texas Parks & Wildlife Dpt. employee...THANKS Aaron! :) 10/12/2008
I've been following the updates on your ikeatbolivar blog. Thought you might be interested in seeing some of the photos and comments here:
Best wishes,
Aaron 10/15/2008
---------- Forwarded message ----------From:
Beckie Boudloche is listed as missing on the Rollover Pass website. She isnot missing, she and her husband Clifton were evacuated by helicopter themorning Ike made landfall. They were evacuated to a shelter San Antonio and got a ride to a shelter in Houston. I picked them up and took them to Galveston and they are staying in a motel, save and sound. 10/15/2008
I did not know where to send this e-mail, and found your website. Hopefully you might have information on the owners of the Reynolds Cabins there at Rollover. Her name is Debbie, I never knew what her last name was. We were there at the end of August, and I have tried to get in contact with her with the phone numbers that I had. I tried to call again yesterday but both numbers were disconnected. Hopefully you might have some good news about her. Thanks so much and God Bless everyone there.
Cathy Head
Splendor, Texas

Debbie "Reynolds" is my sister! :) My mom and dad owned Reynolds Retreat Cabin Rentals and Shells N'More Gift shop. We are ALL fine but, of course, the cabins, shop and all of our homes are gone, but we made it out safe and sound. Thank you for asking. Debbie is in Arkansas with my other sister. You can reach her at . God bless!

Connie Tomerlin

Sherry Johnson 10/14/2008
YEAH!!! We got porta potties !!!

Porta-pot Locations:
HWY87 @ Boyt Rd (2)HWY87 @ Ranch RdHWY87 @ Waterways Dr (2)HWY87 @ Crystal Beach Rd (2)Joe Faggard Building (2)HWY87 @ Canal StHWY87 @ Mary Ann StHWY87 @ Kenlyn StHWY87 @ Stingaree Rd (2)HWY87 @ Sea BreezeHWY87 @ N TunaHWY87 @ Caplen ShoresHWY87 @ GordonHWY87 @ Yacht Basin RdHWY87 @ Rollover CircleHWY87 @ Faggard's Slip RdHWY87 @ Gulf View--
Stephanie Johnson 10/14/2008
I had just found your website the other day. I would like to add my parents to the list of people that are safe and well.
Richard and Sharon Fleer Crystal Beach, Texas
Evacuated to Lindsay, OK on September 12, 2008. They will be residing there until they have received word that they can go back to proceed with cleaning up. They have made one trip down there to see their house but are waiting for power/water before going back.
Thanks, Sherri Jeakins Daughter Bloomington, IL

Lord, help me become the person my dog thinks I am.
Dawn Ewing

Kelly Carraway 10/14/2008
Todd Kahla from Port Bolivar is apparently not missing… through ‘networking’ with some of my former High Island classmates, one of my friends informed me that she had seen Todd working at his job on the Bolivar Ferry numerous times since the storm. Just thought I’d let you know.
Kelly Caraway/Beaumont TX. 10/12/2008
I am still looking for Jerry Wayne. (not sure of his last name)I have known him for over 20 years and that is the only name I know him by. He is skinny sandy blonde hair about 55 yrs old. Drove a purple car (newer). Lived in a travel trailer on bay side before rollover pass. I live in Baytown and would love to know if anyone has any news on Jerry Wayne.
Thanks and God Bless.

Christy 10/13/2008
connie i just heard about tugboat from your dad. regarding the missing person list- william comeaux constable is crab joes nephew and he is ok. harold norris is mgr of big store and i talked to him sunday-he is ok in winnie. at this time i plan to make wed meeting at jeff county court house. thanks, mike

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