Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unidentified Storm Victims--Help Us Identify Them!

lise.olsen@chron.com 10/27/2008
Unidentified storm victims:The ME’s office in Galveston Island cannot identify three people it has found in storm debris – two bodies found on Goat Island three weeks ago and one woman found dead on Pelican Island a month ago. When I talked to the ME’s office last week they told me that everyone with missing relatives or friends from the Bolivar Peninsula should try to locate dental x-rays (or if there are none, medical x-rays) to help with identification. They also need information on next-of-kin for all of the missing in case DNA is needed. Here’s a brief description of the three victims found:-The woman on Goat Island was elderly – perhaps in her 70s with few upper and lower teeth.-The man found there has little or no information for because of the condition of the remains. No age estimate available.-The woman found on Pelican Island was 30-50 years old (estimate) and short – 5” to 5’ 2” approximately. She was wearing a Bally jog bra, sized 34C and a white sock. She had a single webbed toe. She had a surgical scar on her stomach, approximately 7” long. Anyone who thinks this might be one of their friends or relatives, please let me know and I will try to help:
Lise Olsen
Special Projects
The Houston Chronicle

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