Thursday, October 16, 2008

Your Emails 10/16/2008 10/16/2008
I am not sure he is missing but I don't see his name on any of the lists. I am looking for Kevin Freeman aka Porkchop from Lincoln Co. Brookhaven MS. He is a friend and a former firefighter/EMT. He and his family lived on Crystal Beach and he worked at the Galveston hospital. He may have been working during the storm. He graduated from Enterprise High School in MS. I am almost sure he would have tried to stay and I am almost 100% positive his house is gone. Please let the firefighters at Heuck's Retreat Volunteer Fire Department in Lincoln county know. He also has family that lives here. Please send an email to or .
Thank you,
Donna and Scott (H.R.F.D.) 10/16/2008
I am trying to locate the following people:
Monroe D. Kahla,- Crystal Beach, sister Sissy - High Island
Leslie D. Kahla (may be deceased)
Franklin L. (Butch) Kahla
Cotton Guidry and sister Jane ( don't know married names
Rose Marie Kahla daughter of Vic Kahla.
Thanks Barbara Huston
281-481-6449 after 6:00 p.m. 10/16/2008
could you please make contact with brother L.C Roots or a member of the Gilcrist Baptist Church to find out if they're going to hold church services this sunday and if so where and at what time- i would deeply appreciate your help-- ed snyder/409-698-2790

I just spoke with Brother Roots at the Stowell Post Office not more than an hour ago. He has been trying to make contact with some of his congregation. He has our phone number, but we do not have his. He is suppose to contact us within a few days. I am so sorry that I did not see this email before I saw him. I called Mike Slay and he is going to give me Brother Roots' phone number when he gets back home. I will email it to you then. God bless! :)

Connie Tomerlin
GCA 10/16/2008
thank you very very much-- i much appreciate your response--i went to rollover pass monday and was disheartened at what i saw- but then i saw the cross they put up where the church once was and then i knew everything was going to be alright-- Gilchrist will be rising from the dust of Ike-- may God Bless you and what you are doing-- ed snyder

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