Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Weeks After Ike...Recovery Efforts Grim 10/11/2008
Can you help me locate and make contact with L. C. Root, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Gilchrist?
Ted Hirtz
713-228-5570 10/11/2008
My name is Dustin Haubois my father is on this list Harry Bingham he has been missing since the storm . Could you please add my information to the list for anyone to contact me. I live in Louisiana I have been to Crystal Beach where my Dad lives I was also but on the News searching for him. I have not heard anything yet .Thank You So Much.
Dustin Haubois (Son) (985)860-8261 or (985)228-0964
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I am so sorry--I will add your father's name to our prayers list. I am also posting your email to our website in the hopes that someone will see it and maybe post information. God bless you and your precious family during this difficult time in your lives!
Connie Tomerlin
GCA 10/10/2008
First, I wish to express my deep sadness with regard to the detestation that Ike left on Bolivar Peninsula. We had planned on traveling to Crystal Beach for vacation. I cannot believe the adversity that the community has suffered as a result of this storm. News of the recovery has been sparse. In my search to find out information, I found this article and see that two of the alleged storms victims are not included on the missing list. Please see reference to Dolores Brookshire and Charles Allen Garrett in the article:
Although I have no personal ties to Bolivar, I seem to share a sense of loss with all that called it home. We will postpone our trip to the Island ... will give it time to heal and then come for a visit. You should be commended for your efforts in keeping track of the missing and honoring the dead. The remainder of the online news sources seem to have swept that under the carpet ... difficult to understand. Bless you for your work.
Chris Stange

Grand Island, NY

Thank you so much for the sweet words. Everyone is still reeling from the shock down here. I still think my house is right where I left it with all of my personal belongings still there. But those are just "things." There are SO many people still looking to find out what happened to their loved ones. My family is VERY blessed that we know where we all are (scattered across the country, maybe, but at least we know!). Keep on watching the site as I try to update at least every other day if not daily. God bless!
Connie Tomerlin
GCA 10/9/2008

Here is another article you may want to post. It includes many stories of those still missing on the Bolivar Peninsula. It helps put a "face" with a name. I also noted that in the article Delores (Rose) Brookshire (72) and Charles Allen Garrett (42), both from Port Bolivar, are not on the missing list or the survivors list. I would assume they are still missing and need to be placed on the list since the LRC still has them on their missing list. I am processing more people here today in Bryan - maybe soon I will come up with some more survivors for you! Vanessa MarekProject Unity(979) 595-2900

Three Weeks After Storm, A Grim Recovery Task... NY Times 10/9/2008


Christy said...

I am still looking for Jerry Wayne. (not sure of his last name)I have known him for over 20 years and that is the only name I know him by. He is skinny sandy blonde hair about 55 yrs old. Drove a purple car (newer). Lived in a travel trailer on bay side before rollover pass. I live in Baytown and would love to know if anyone has any news on Jerry Wayne. Thanks and God Bless. Christy

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