Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Welcome & NEED Your Help To Keep Accurate Records...

10/8/2008 The Galveston County Daily News article has been sent to you by <>
I have been cross-referencing names of missing with people we have serve in the Bryan/College Station area. There is another Gilcrest person on this list as deceased that I do not see as missing. Hope this is helpful.
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County's 15th Ike victim found
PORT BOLIVAR — Search crews found the body of another unidentified Hurricane Ike victim Monday night on Goat Island.
Published October 8, 2008
Address of original story:

Thank you so very much--this is very helpful. The only way this website will work is if we get and stay connected with our community so that we can post the correct information. Thanks again SO VERY MUCH and God bless! :) Connie Tomerlin 10/9/2008
And thank you very much for your help in maintaining this list. Although I was not a resident, my family has spent LOTS of time on Galveston and Bolivar. This is very personal to all of us. We want to help in any way possible. Is there anything else we can do from here to help? I haven’t been able to match up any names with the missing so far, but we keep running into more and more evacuees each and every day who have gotten lost in the system. Maybe we’ll eventually find someone who was “lost”! 10/7/2008
Connie - No doubt you are busier than a one arm paperhanger however, just want to thank you for replying to my earlier email on the Comeauxs. I don't know if the folks I'm looking for and the Constable are related however, with all the Acadians with the Comeaux name there could be a distant relationship possibility. For what it's worth, yesterday I saw a posting on the ABC13.Com Bolivar Person locator where another individual was also looking for information on Joe Comeaux and his wife Sylvia. It would be great to hear that all the Comeauxs have been located safe and sound; here's praying for that. Thanks for all your hard work.
Russ Reider

PS: For what it's worth - I saw a posting on ABC13.Com dated 10/6 at 7:33 that Malcolm Comeaux had called someone and that the Cripps family and Curtis & Wm. Maxey were accounted for. I can't personally verify the info. but wanted to be sure you were aware of it.

Russ,I know that Sylvia is OK, because Mike Gross of the GCA and Gilchrist, TX spoke to her this past weekend. She, Joe and their sons are OK. I will forward that email to you. Thanks so much for your help and this website is only possible and accurate through everyone else's help--I appreciate ALL of you so much and do this to help our wonderful Bolivar Peninsula! God bless... Connie Tomerlin

Connie - Thank you very much for the good news on Sylvia, Joe and their family; now if we can only hear about Curtis Comeaux and his family. Also, thank you very much for your time and effort in maintaining the Rollovertexas website and for the fine job you are doing. Blessings to you------------- Russ Reider

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