Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recovery Efforts Made on Bolivar & Goat Island 10/3/2008
My friends with Cen-Tex Search and Rescue are searching on Bolivar...finally. Some were at Crystal Beach yesterday. More are going down today & the plan is for them to help search Goat Island. I do know that these people and their dogs are highly trained. Don't know anymore specifics about the searches..
Judy Reynolds
LMB Holdings Inc 10/3/2008
To say that I am pretty obsessed with finding/reading anything about the Peninsula is an understatement. But anyway, I view the GCA site several times a day along with many others. I wanted to mention that Ronnie Lee is on the missing list, however, when Beckie Greys gave you names she included Ronnie Lee Dennison, which is Ronnie Lee. So you may want to correct that. On 9/14/08, I was on a forum of KHOU's and I received an email from the son in law of Johnney Becker from Gilchrist saying Johnney is safe in Houston. ( I don't know who Mr. Becker is, but you may want to add him to the survivors list.) Lastly, I have heard from several TX folks that there is a meeting scheduled at the Beaumont courthouse for 10/15/08 10 AM, either for the homeowners and business owners of the Peninsula and/or Gilchrist. Do you have any confirmation on this? If you do can you post it? I made a phone call to TX yesterday and I beleive it has to do with the rebuild bolivar website. The secretary I spoke to stated that an email was sent out to about 300 people, but I guess was not linked to it. If you can check that would be great as we are planning to return to TX by the 15th of October. Thanks again for your help and information.
Nancy J Bachman
Tavern by the Pass - Gilchrist TX
cell # 484-560-9323

Thanks so very much for the correction--it is very difficult to keep up with and I NEED everyone's help to make sure we have the correct information! I have not heard about the meeting, but I will do what I can to find out about it and post anything I find. Take care and God bless!
Connie Tomerlin
GCA 10/3/2008
Could you please add to your missing list or let me know if you have heard anything about them, their names are Raymond George (Ray) & Rosie Ruth Rozelle they lived at 982 Kirks Gilchrist Texas.From their friends and neighbors on Mae St. and the Gilchrist and Crystal Beach community. Thank you, Kevin Draughon977 Mae St.Gilchrist, TX
Kevin Draughon832-661-7359 Cell281-970-7424 Home

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