Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 15th Meeting Recorded!

My husband and I went to the meeting Wednesday night at the Jefferson County Courthouse for the Restore Bolivar Peninsula. There were approximately 700 people in and out of the room anxiously awaiting news and information on the status of when and how we can start to rebuild and restore our homes and businesses. Most of this information will be uploaded to the Restore Bolivar Peninsula website. We have uploaded what we were able to record (most of the meeting). We missed the first few minutes as we had to make our way to get closer to the speaker for recording and also about a minute was lost when we switched out batteries between Part 1 and Part 2.

October 15th Meeting Part 1
(Reports from Entergy, Pat Doyle, BPSUD, TxDot and Judge Yarbrough)

October 15th Meeting Part 2
(Reports from FEMA, GLO, Mike Fitzgerald, Health District and the Core of Engineers)

Connie Tomerlin
Gilchrist Community Association

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Nancy said...

Connie, Thanks so much for recording the meeting. We will not be in TX till the next meeting, but we found it informative and it really pumped us up knowing that we have many folks on the side of restoring the Peninsula. Can't wait to begin moving forward! Nancy from Tavern by the Pass-Gilchrist